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You will receive an automated email 24 hours before the start of the lesson to remind you. Regular students will also have access to their own Google spreadsheet where all lesson dates/times will be kept.


Lessons can be rescheduled by emailing me at least 1 hour prior to the start of the lesson to avoid being charged if you don't show up.


I offer refunds for all bookings as long as it's been done at least 1 hour in advance. For those that book block lessons, I will refund you as much as I can. I have to pay a small fee(s) on accepting online payments so will have to first deduct that amount before processing the refund to avoid being out of pocket. 


5 minutes late: I will resend zoom join meeting details.

5-10 minutes late: We will continue the lesson as normal. I can occasionally allow the lesson to over-run to make up for the delayed start, but this is not a guarantee and in a scenario where I have lessons afterwards, we will just have to end at the normal time.

10+ minutes late: I will end the meeting if I still haven't heard anything from you, and the lesson will be charged since this is time I lose when I could have been teaching someone else.


I pride myself on being on time for all lessons. On the rare occasion I'm running late, I will let you know so you're not sitting around wondering if I'll show up. If I need to cancel the lesson, again you'll be notified in advance and entitled to a full refund or reschedule the session. In the unlikely event I have to cancel short notice, you'll be compensated.


The data you provide on the booking page is for my own benefit and my eyes only to best help you as a coach. In the event, you don't become a regular student, that data will eventually be deleted. 

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